Wallington Teak

New in 2018: The Wallington assortment is expanded with three new types of wooden walldecoration; Wallington Ambon, Kotak and Mataram. These brand new wall panels are made by real craftsmen from the famous Djati Indonesian teak. The combination of carrot teak and recycled teak gives these panels a unique look. The recycled teak wood partly comes from old traditional Javanese houses and fishing boats, so that each panel has its own characteristic structure and shape. Put together, these panels have a unique, warm and opulent look.

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  • Kotak Maroon
    Kotak Maroon
  • Kotak Bianco
    Kotak Bianco
  • Kotak Blackened
    Kotak Blackened
  • Ambon Maroon
    Ambon Maroon
  • Ambon Bianco
    Ambon Bianco
  • Ambon Blackened
    Ambon Blackened
  • Mataram Maroon
    Mataram Maroon
  • Mataram Bianco
    Mataram Bianco
  • Mataram Warna
    Mataram Warna