Wallington Vintage

New in our assortment: Wallington Vintage. This product line consists of various special woods in a variety of colors, each with its own cool vintage look. The wooden panels give a luxurious look to your wall and are of the best quality. These panels can also be used in damp rooms like the bathroom. This product is very easy to apply.

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  • Washed Jeans
    Washed Jeans
  • Shabby Jeans
    Shabby Jeans
  • Smoked Jeans
    Smoked Jeans
  • Crackling White
    Crackling White
  • Snow White Brushed
    Snow White Brushed
  • Blue Bayou Brushed
    Blue Bayou Brushed
  • Baja Yellow Brushed
    Baja Yellow Brushed