About Wallington

Wallington is a wholesaler specialized in the import and sale of special interior materials.

Wallington 3D wooden walldecoration will give your walls a special 3D look with a very exclusive appearance. Made of solid wood (20 x 5 cm) and finished with UV-cured hardwax, Wallington creates a unique atmosphere in your living- or bedroom. Another possibilities is the bathroom, because the wooden wall panels can be applied in damp rooms.

Wallington 3D wooden walldecoration is available in 17 different types of wood. Each type works in it’s own unique way and will give your wall a natural and luxurious look. Due to the natural texture and hue, each kind of wood will give your wall it’s own look and feel.


  • Wallington 3D wooden walls give your walls a unique 3D effect.
  • The wood panels are made of natural material.
  • Durable treated with UV cured hardwax.
    (Optimal depth impregnation by using the latest technology and multiple layers)
  • Dirt-repellent and waterproofing effect.
  • packed per square meter 20 x 5 cm and 33x 2 mm, 33x 4 mm an 34x 6 mm thick

Where to use

  • As decorative wall covering or as an accent, for example on the fireplace or behind your TV cabinet.
  • Applicable on almost any hard and smooth surface.
  • Also applicable in moist areas such as the bathroom.


  • Wallington wooden walls are a durable product of nature.
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • No special tools are required.
  • The maximum thickness is only 6 mm.
  • Applicable on almost any hard and smooth surface.
  • Even on small surfaces a massive effect.
  • Easy to repair by means of interchangeable parts.
  • Easily removed again by mounting it on a thin wooden plate.


Take a look in our shop. We ship to every country. Up to 8m2 you can find the shipment cost. Need more? Ask for a quotation and choose "pre Transfer". We send you an invoice for the total order up front.