Wallington 3D wooden wallcovering

Wallington will give your walls a special 3D look with a very exclusive appearance. Made of solid wood and finished with UV-cured hardwax, Wallington creates a unique atmosphere in your living- or bedroom. Another possibilities is the bathroom, because the wooden wall panels can be applied in damp rooms.

Wallington is available in 17 different types of wood. Each type will work in it’s unique way and will give your wall a natural and luxurious look. Due to the natural texture and hue, each kind of wood will give your wall it’s own look and feel. Prices are per m2.

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  • Greyed Oak
    Greyed Oak
  • Whitewash Oak
    Whitewash Oak
  • European Ash
    European Ash
  • Canadian Maple
    Canadian Maple
  • Traditional Oak
    Traditional Oak
  • African Iroko
    African Iroko
  • Rustic Oak
    Rustic Oak
  • Old English Oak
    Old English Oak
  • West-African Zebrawood
    West-African Zebrawood
  • American Black Cherry
    American Black Cherry
  • Myanmar Teak
    Myanmar Teak
  • Asian Walnut
    Asian Walnut
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