RustTique Pro series StarterKit 6-8 m2

Discover the new RustTique Pro series with this set. RustTique Pro series Coating now has even more micro iron particles, which improves rust-effect. As a result, the treatment of the wall with base coating is unnecessary. One set of RustTique Pro series is sufficient to provide a total surface area of 6 to 8 m2 with a rust coating.

The set consists of:
1 Liter RustTique Coating (for 6-8 m2)
1 liter RustTique Activator (for 12-16 m2)
1 Liter RustTique ClearProtect (for 12-16 m2)

Summerdeal: Only this summer this set can be ordered for the special promotional prize of 125,29 (ex. VAT)