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RustTique StarterKit 8m2

The RustTique StarterKit is all you need to for a total surface area of 8 m2. This specially developed rust paint is of professional quality and is applicable on any surface on which a primer can be used. The special coating contains real iron particles that start to rust after making contact with the activator fluid. After about 12 hours you can admire the end result. Use RustTique to give a rust look to your planters, walls, homedecoration materials or (garden)statues!

A set RustTique StarterKit 8m2 consists of:

0,5 Liter RustTique BaseCoating

0,5 Liter RustTique Coating

1 Flacons RustTique Activator

0,5 Liter RustTique ClearProtect


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